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quit asking for handouts

i saw the video on the news this morning. "brother frost" was saying, "give us.." this and "give us..." that. aren't we giving you free housing, insurance, and probably food and welfare. isn't it time you did a little something for yourself??? you should start standing up for yourselves and your community! you should be outraged when something like this happens on your front door step! quit standing by and watching, do something about it! be someone! while watching the news footage, after "brother frost" said his piece, i witnessed a female handing a male what looked like a "joint". i even paused, and watched frame by frame to see it. it was way too fat to be a cigarette. these are things that are holding our society back. when kids think it's ok to shoot someone for their money, and drug transactions are going on in broad daylight in front of the news cameras, you really have to wonder what is going to happen to our society.


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