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I think people who find themselves in these situations, could care less about any entitlement. IMO, the majority are looking for a hand UP not a put DOWN. You don't know their situation. Stop judging and lumping all people in the same category. Of course there are a few who misuse and abuse the system, and they should not be rewarded for being irresponsible. What about Corporate Welfare??? The BIG boys sitting in their leather chairs stealing millions of dollars from innocent law abiding citizens??? They call this "White Collar Crime", and what is their punishment?? A little slap on the wrist..(with the exception of Madoff of course.) These types of crimes affect the lives of many Americans. Look at the situation we're in now because of GREED!! I know for a FACT, people,not living in the projects, but live in big beautiful homes that they OWN, are receiving government handouts. What about those families on PPO health insurance policies that doesn't cover minors if they get pregnant.. who do you think pays for their children's maternity coverage??? The tax payers, that's who. (maternity for minors on policies are only covered on HMO plans). They get what is called a pink medicaid card to cover these expenses. But the ones living in the projects are singled out receive the most backlash. I know and I see a lot, and it's a crying shame on BOTH ends of the spectrum. So let's be fair here. It's much easier to point out the wrongs of others when they are poor and uneducated. Tsk!


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