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By Choice or Circumstance??

I agree, many people, (not just the ones living in the projects) are in the situations they are in b/c of the choices they've made. Whether it's little Johnny in a gated community making bombs and planning attacks in his basement.. or little Ray-Ray who comes from a struggling family and feels that he needs to step up and assist his family, so he takes the seemingly "easy" route by selling drugs to make fast money. My 1ST, 2ND, 3RD choice has always been EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION. Ignorance is bliss and will always lead to one's own destruction. "People are destroyed for their lack of knowledge" (JKV) Have you ever thought that MAYBE some people feel helpless, powerless to do something about their situations? What about Sally who is 300lbs overweight. It's not her will/desire to be that way, but she feels that she has no control and continues to fed her fleshly desires. If someone comes along to empower Sally and give her the necessary tools and support and HOPE then this may give her the courage to DO something to better herself. But if people are surrounded around folks who are always negative, condescending, no hopes, no dreams, no aspirations.. nothing... and that's all a person is exposed to day in and day out.. how do you suppose that person feels about themselves? If a person not in their situation has a hard time dealing with life... my goodness.. how much harder it must be to pick yourself up by your own bootstrap when you don't even see a way out. My heart goes out to those who are in the struggle and feel lost and unwanted. God loves you no matter what your class/gender/race/sex happens to be. PS I am in no way making excuses for anyone. I just happen to have a heart. And yes, my husband and I are Wake Cty taxpayers, so we understand both ends of the spectrum.


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