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Who Knows

or frankly who cares where she was in life before she took the steps needed to get her life on track? How dare you even attempt to detract from her achievements? Why is it there is always some half wit who wants to detract from the success others have? I do believe all people, unless physically or mentally impaired, should "get it together". There are far too many willing to sit at the bottom and accept food stamps, Section 8 housing, Medicaid, free cell phones, and whatever else Washington and Raleigh want to dole out for those who decide they just do not have to work. As for me, I have it together. If I did not, I could not afford to live in Surf City and would not be in a position where 2 dozen people work for me. If you're on entitlements, you should thank them and me. We're the ones helping to pay for them. You might want to re-read the Bible. One thing Moses did not lack was confidence. Nor was he ashamed of his background. As for me, excuses are for loosers. There is no excuse, barring health or mental illness, which should prevent anyone from trying to better their lot. They may fail in the attempt; but at least they tried. Colnel Sanders, of KFC fame, made over 500 sales calls in an attempt to sell his chicken receipe. Over 500 sales calls in which he was rejected. And he was in his 50s. He never gave up; he never quit. Too bad so many do not have that initiative.


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