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Why are you all uptight now...

I once told someone if we can't spank our children with out the law backing they wrong doing then we are doom. They don't want you to spank the kids but look at what it has turn out to be. Let's go back in the day when your mother's friend could beat you. We did not have all this hanging out these kids do now.You knew what to do and when to do it. I remember walking in front of people porches and them saying to me "tell your mama i said hi" and me answering yes mam. That was call respect. The kids now days don't have the respect because they don't have fear of a belt and GOD. They know the law backs them fully. Every kids does not need spanking but some kids it's the only way to save them.You want parents to raise they kids allow them to spank them.Respect is earn not giving. These kids that are breaking the law do not get my respect. Parents lets go back to the old way. Start spanking these kids then we will have more in penstate then the state pen.


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