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I agree, our health coverage is way too expensive. My wife just went through advanced stage 3 ovarian cancer and her bill has now reached almost 1 million dollars, including treatments. Yes, our insurance company paid most of this bill, but the amount we had to pay was unbelievable. BUT, we did have a choice in which doctor, surgeon, and hospital we wanted to use. From diagnosis to surgery took 1 month. She had from 1 to 7 tests per week during the month leading up to her surgery. The doctor wanted to know exactly what he was dealing with and what to plan for before he began the surgery. No one, the insurance, any health council, or government told us what was going to be covered or that anything was too expensive. No one told us we had to be put on a waiting list that could be months or even a year before the next test could be administered. No one told us the procedure was too expensive and it was denied and she would just have to deal with the problem for the remaining months of her life. Do you really believe when Obama gets his new healthcare in place that we will not have our health care rationed or denied coverage because the government thinks the treatments are too expensive? Other countries are doing this now. That is why so many people come to the U.S. to have medical treatment. I know there is a major problem with our current medical system. I do not believe anyone who is not a legal citizen should be covered in any way unless they pay the total bill. I do not believe a citizen that chooses not to have their own medical insurance should be covered. Why should my taxes go up, or why should I have to pay a higher bill to pay for someone that is illegal or that chooses not to pay their way? I know people that drive Beamers, or have flat screen TVs, or water craft vehicles, or other expensive play toys, but can't afford health insurance because of this personal choice, but then are treated in the hospital or doctor's office and the others that pay their insurance premiums and medical bills have to also pay their bills too. This is totally wrong. Is Obaba's insurance really going to be free? NO, it is not, someone will still have to pay for it. The government has no money, except the money they get from us in the way of taxes.


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