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while we are at it.....

If the government can come up with all this money to lure people in to buying new cars with insane car payments let them do the same with the housing industry, why not offer these kinds of deals to those who can buy a home? there are plenty of foreclosures out there. At least someone would be living in them and trying to gain something of substance instead of a massive car payment for something that will be dead and outdated in 5-10 years. I would sign up for that one, but for now I will just drive what I can that is paid for, even if it doesn't get the required gas mileage. In addition to that, what about those who need more than three seats in the back? My van qualifies to get traded in but I could not find anything with the seating or storage that qualifies. So what do I tell my kids or their friends or my grandchildren when I cannot even take them down the road in my shiny new car? this is the "change" that was voted for, so how are you liking it now???


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