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Say WHAT???

One mile of road is going to take a year and a half???? You've got to be kidding! No wonder roads around here are obsolete before they even open. It's time to clean house in the DOT and their sub-contractors and start all over. Sure the road needs repaving and all left turns eliminated excpet at contolled intersections (like the idiots traveling North wanting to turn left into Go-Gas), but it will not take from August to 2011 to do it. Now we see why the road budget is shot for so many projects like getting I-140 across the river to eliminate all the bridge traffic and take the volume off of the 4 highways (17, 74, 76, 133) that funnel down to two lanes and causes back ups all the way into Wilmington. Get with it people. Wake up and start making calls to the idiot Governor and the lawmaker that are ruining this country with their waste of money.


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