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Now here

is an inspirational story. Not a native of Wilmington; no local support group to help her such as family. Lived on the streets for over 2 years. Went back to school while living in a shelter. Mentored at least 5 persons, in similar circumstances to take charge of their lives. Now a promising job and future. On the other hand, we have those content to spend a lifetime on "entitlements" and live off the sweat of hard working taxpayers. In fact, it appears in many cases they pass that contentment and lifestyle on to a new generation. It's one thing for those who are physically unable to be on government hand outs. It's quite another for those physically able who choose to remain leaches on society's payroll rather that follow this person's lead and take charge of their lives. Here's another reason for "term" limitations on government hand outs for those who are physically able yet choose to live off society rather than be self supporting. Don't say it can not be done; don't say I do not understand. Here's someone who walked the walk and talked the talk. She took control of her life and apparently has a great furture before her.


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