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Irrational plan

The federal government's "Cash for Clunkers" program failed in less than a week. White House and Congressional officials said they underestimated how popular the program would be. They also estimated it would take over $700+ billion to right the economy, yet, now declaring the recession is "over", they've only spent around $80 billion. How do we know that they're right on the numbers for health care? What if they're wrong? When they put all the private insurance companies out of business (it will happen, it's in the bill) and the program fails (it will happen, because there is no way to pay for the program, you can't tax the American people enough to pay for it), then what? There is no do-over. You can't just suspend or cancel the program. You're stuck with a broken system. If Obama and lawmakers could actually think realistically instead of idealistically, they would see this. It's a stupid plan that the democrats are hell-bent on passing. This will be Obama's Iraq. This will fail, and he will prove himself to be worse than Bush. At least Bush passed on bad intel to the American people; Obama is content on downright lying. He's saying things about the Bill that just aren't there. It's time you realize Obama is nothing more than a lawyer. Despicable.


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