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It is truly sad that so much

It is truly sad that so much disinformation is out there, and sadder that people are actually falling for it. A public option is simply an option for people to PAY for a government plan. Not everyone can get health insurance due to pre-existing conditions and cherry picking. That creates an environment where ALL of us pick up the tab in the most expensive place- the ER. We already have shared costs via premiums. I find it rather ironic that we have to subsidize ALL government employees to have health care via a government plan. I don't see ANY of the opposition turning that down and going into the individual market. As a small business owner, we also have to subsidize big business (they receive tax breaks for health insurance that small businesses cannot tap into). Since small businesses like mine employ more than 50% of the population, it is imperative we do something about the rising costs of care. Right now, it is such a daunting expense, if things continue down this road, we will no longer be able to provide health insurance for our employees. I hear this complaint routinely throughout the small business community. I am simply getting tired of subsidizing ALL government employees (and their families!) while we struggle to be able to provide insurance for our families and our own employees. Strip the government employees of their health insurance and let the market work if you truly want a free market system, take away the tax breaks for big business, but as it is right now, while we subsidize the largest employer in the country, the government, I am really tired of being told to keep quiet by those that aren't going out there building businesses. Sorry to be crass, but we are faced with these costs constantly and it is dire. Keep in mind that we have to stay competitive in a market where every other industrialized nation provides basic health insurance. If this trend keeps up, there will be very few on any employer based plan without heavy subsidies. I understand the fear that some have that this change is going to be huge, drastic and bad, but I simply do not see that at all. I am one of the people that has read through the 1,000+ pages of the house bill and the draft of the Senate's bill. Most things have been taken out of context by the insurance industry, and as a business owner trying to find the best plans for my employees, there simply is a serious lack of competition and over-bloated premiums and dwindling coverage. We are in such a crisis, I don't feel most employees understand this fact. Affordable health care for all, or all in the free market. No more subsidies for government employees and big business while families continue to suffer. Click here for the debunking of the snippets posted by the poster earlier (whom I can tell has not read the bills, BTW):


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