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If you don't use the mail, then you don't pay for the postal service, it has been that way for over 30 years. The worst thing about the postal service are the mandates from the government, poor management, and because of the unions the inability for the boss to be able to put his/her foot down and force some of the dead beats to either do their job or get he heck out so someone that will do it can do what ever it takes to get the job done, and do it right. But I know what you are saying. Why should my health insurance cover maternity, I am a man and can't get pregnant? Why do I have to pay for sports channels, 99% of the news channels, and most of the other channels on my cable tv, I don't watch them, but in order to get the few channels I do want, I have to pay for all the others I never watch? I have no children in school, so why do I have to pay for other children to go there? I pay for my own healthcare so I can be covered, so why do I have to pay for others that have no insurance, especially the ones that choose not to have it, or for the illegal people in this country? Will Mexico or Canada give you free health service if you go there and get sick? I doubt it. I thought Bush spent a lot of money until Obama got the job.


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