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healthcare only for the fortunate ?

so if i read you correct , the carpenter you may hire to work on your home , the waitress who brings you a meal , etc. etc. are lazy and do not deserve health care ? right ? let me give you an example along with a math lesson . a friend works for a small company doing data entry and clerical work . she makes $10 per hr and brings home less than $300 per week . thats $1200 per month . she lives with a room mate so her housing costs are around $550 per month . that leaves $650 for gas , food , clothing and other living expenses . she saw an add from bc&bs (emphasis on the bs ) for insurance for around $275 per month and applied . after the physical exam the rate went to around $650 per month . (note here what she had left to live on referenced earlier )reason ? her body mass index was to high . she's a little overweight . she is 39 years old and is in good health , never had a major medical event in her life . there are other companies out there , selling cut rate insurance , but by the time she pays the premiums (little over $300 per month ) she cant afford to pay the deductibles . so just pay as you go right ? an average doctor visit is $150 an office visit if your uninsured . thats half a paycheck for someone making $10 per hour . and that would not include any testing or meds she would need . so you just let these people go without healthcare until they have to go to the hospital , and then let medicaid pick up the tab , right ? we don't need government healthcare , we need affordable healthcare . government corruption and beurocracy isn't going to help . the insurance and medical crooks already know how to pay off and sidestep the government . the big problem is greed . to many people making huge salaries in the healthcare and insurance industry . many of whom probably look snobbishly down their noses at the have nots and say , let those lazy people do without .


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