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Yes, you do get care in

Yes, you do get care in those countries without having to pay. In Mexico it is the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social or IMSS. Of course, Mexico has a mixed system with private and public, so you can also choose to pay out of pocket. In Canada, you can also receive care as a visitor through the Medicare system, and since their doctors are private, you can also choose to pay out of pocket. Again, you do not pay for your health care completely unless you have an individual plan (most do not) or are an owner of a small business. Our big businesses and government employees are highly subsidized as it is right now. Plus, the premiums you do pay are over bloated with less coverage due to the uninsured going to the ER, when their health is poorer and they are unable to pay. We do not turn people away at our state hospitals (nor does any state), as they receive funding from taxpayers of the community, state, and federal government (via medicare and medicaid). We are just doing this in the most expensive way possible. Add to that the burden placed on small businesses to have to pick up the shortfall in higher premiums and lower coverage. Keep in mind, small businesses are the backbone to our economy and are unable to tap into pools and security like big businesses are able to do. Add to that that small businesses must achieve massive growth to continue, so their profits are usually so low, that the tax breaks that big businesses receive are unavailable to small businesses. We need a public option that can offer better coverage than what the private sector is willing to offer the small businesses in our country. We employ over 50% of the population, but because we are viewed as small individual pools, we do not have the massive pool of a federal small business community. Big businesses have something akin to that and the government does as well. We need that option so we can continue to offer benefits to our employees.


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