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Right. If you want great

Right. If you want great health care insurance, just go work for the government! Problem solved! Sorry, Guest36589741, but I have a feeling that wouldn't work out so well for our country. After all, we need inventive people that will generate revenue. Oh, perhaps you mean to work for a big corporation. Well, guess what, your employer subsidizes your health care and they receive tax money to do so. So, your excellent career choice is costing the rest of us as it is. It is also cutting into the competitiveness of your employer's business. The cost to provide you and your family has more than doubled the past 7 years. It is more daunting than wage increases. Something has to be done, or you may be finding your company asking for more tax subsidies or you will be in the individual market yourself. Secondly, I am disheartened to hear the conservatives use this rhetoric. Is it not the power of freedom and entrepreneurship that has made this country so great? I certainly think that is the case. I do not want to lock people into government jobs or corporations if they have a vision to go out and make a better product or create an environment with better services. Yet, that is exactly what is being proposed by those that DO have tax payer subsidized care. I don't understand that at all. Without small businesses, there wouldn't be a company like yours in business. Giving relief to those willing to take risks and succeed in life is not a BAD thing, rather it is something that creates the backbone of our society. I really don't think the argument that if you want great health insurance, go work for the government or be job locked in a big corporation is the answer. America can and MUST be better.


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