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I know you haven't read it.

I know you haven't read it. The plan has been debated and discussed for many months, and you wouldn't have fallen for the talking points memo had you read it. They are blatantly false, and a quick read would have cleared that confusion. Secondly, there are issues I wish that were addressed that are not in this bill. For one, the AMA should not be allowed to continue the practice of limiting the amount of doctors coming out of med school. We need more doctors, not less, and the fact that the AMA has been successful at doing so is beyond me. Also, the cost of med school is getting to ridiculous heights. Most people going into medicine now go right into a specialty, even if they wish to be a primary care doctor, simply to pay off their loans. That is no way to create affordable care in this country. I am happy to see that there is relief in the bill for those that wish to work as primary physicians. I think it doesn't go far enough, however, especially since the boomers are getting ready to retire. Lastly, I'd like to see nurse practitioners utilized more heavily. They can be the first line of defense in mild cases. Please do go and read the bill and think of ways of improving what you don't like and log what you do. We have to get over this partisanship and really start looking for solutions. We are in serious trouble, even if you think you are safe in a job somewhere. I suppose the only place you can be completely isolated is if you work for the government. I suppose that is why those that oppose the public option have yet to give up their tax subsidized plan and move to the individual market.


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