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Oh, yes, personal

Oh, yes, personal responsibility. Sorry, but unless you are in the individual market yourself or you own a small business, you really don't have the right to tell anyone to take personal responsibility. Those that work for big business or the government receive heavy subsidies from the taxpayers of the community. They also receive protections, such as having to take people with pre-existing conditions. The small business owners and tax payers are subsidizing all of that. So, please, spare the preaching. This just goes to show how crazy our mentality has gotten. "Just don't get sick or have any pre-existing conditions!!!" or "Make better decisions, go work for the government or some big corpo." What? People that want to have health insurance and that are paying their taxes should have an option to purchase it. Do you seriously think you gain when people DON'T have insurance? They just continue to get sicker and ultimately end up in the ER where we pick up that expensive tab! That is crazy. Let's take this overweight person. If they had access to affordable insurance individually, like the big pools do, she would be taking charge of her health, and serious issues that could arise later can be thwarted. She could end a track to diabetes, or high blood pressure, or heart complications. Sorry, but as a small business owner that is one of the ones picking up the slack, I do not want to pay for care in the ER, I'd rather her have an option to pay for it herself and thwart issues coming down the pike. It's about spending wisely and creating an environment that KEEPS these things from happening, not simply ignoring them. Those problems will come back to haunt, make no mistake about that.


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