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"Oh, yes, personal

"Oh, yes, personal responsibility. Sorry, but unless you are in the individual market yourself or you own a small business, you really don't have the right to tell anyone to take personal responsibility." Sure I can, why do you think this country is in the toilet now? Everyone wants something for nothing. And if she was not overweight her premiums would be lower. Hmm spend less on food and lose weight = lower premiums and extra money to buy health insurance. "People that want to have health insurance and that are paying their taxes should have an option to purchase it." Everyone has an option and opportunity to purchase health care, whether you can afford it or not....thats YOUR problem. It is not a right to have health care. I have enough stolen from my paycheck weekly to pay for all the other wasteful spending the government does. If they had access to affordable insurance individually, like the big pools do, she would be taking charge of her health, and serious issues that could arise later can be thwarted. She could end a track to diabetes, or high blood pressure, or heart complications. So for them to lose weight they need health insurance. gimmie a break.


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