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Thank you, I feel so much better. It's so nice to know that there are people like you that know what I have and have not done. Thanks for letting me know that I have spent long tedious hours reading the health care bill just to tell me I have not done so. There are things that need to be addressed in our health care system, but having the government intervene with a whole new system is not the answer. If you think government health care will be any better, than why are Medicare and the VA so inefficient? Have you ever dealt with the VA? Have you ever dealt with Medicare? I am not knocking the health care providers that work in the VA, their hands are tied because of all the government red tape that tells them what they can and cannot do. Do you honestly think it would be any better for the rest of us if this bill is passed? Why are the democrats not listening to the many, many ideas that have been presented to them about addressing the problems of our present system? Why did the democrats have closed door meetings about this bill (no republicans allowed) and try to push it through without it being posted for the citizens to even read it? Why is Nancy Peloski not allowing time for our own representatives to read it before they have to vote on it? Why, because Obama wants his program pushed through and will not listen to any alternatives. If they had our best interest at heart they would not try to push this through without going through the bill line by line and having open discussions about the good point and bad points of the bill. What about the cost, just where do they plan on getting the money to pay for this bill? In the wonder, wonder land of Obama, where you just print more money than you have coming in?


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