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"Sure I can, why do you

"Sure I can, why do you think this country is in the toilet now? Everyone wants something for nothing. And if she was not overweight her premiums would be lower. Hmm spend less on food and lose weight = lower premiums and extra money to buy health insurance." Let me guess, you are a government worker. Sorry, but you are asking me to prop up your care. If you work for a big business, you are also asking me to prop up your care. Either subsidies for everyone or none at all. You don't deserve it anymore than any other tax payer. "Everyone has an option and opportunity to purchase health care, whether you can afford it or not....thats YOUR problem. It is not a right to have health care. I have enough stolen from my paycheck weekly to pay for all the other wasteful spending the government does." This is what makes me think you are a government worker. That is simply not the case. If you have pre-existing conditions, you can't get it, even if you could afford it in some cases, and in others, they won't cover the condition. the only buffer is if you work for big business or are a government worker. Those are both heavily subsidized by MY tax dollars. Since I am one of the ones that TRULY pays my way, I want a solution that is more economically sound. As far as I am concerned, those that are receiving heavy subsidies like yourself have really no ground to stand on, go out and really live in the free, individual market and then let me know what you think. As it is right now, you are simply draining tax money from small business owners and people that can't get health care now. "So for them to lose weight they need health insurance. gimmie a break." Caring for one's health INCLUDES health care. I feel like I am in the twilight zone sometimes. What do you think medical care is for, emergencies only? It is about prevention and maintenance. It costs people like me, not you so much as your care is subsidized by tax money, a lot more to deal with problems later on than catching things early and correcting it. Saying health insurance should only be for the healthy makes about as much sense as others telling people to take "responsibility" and work for the government for the bennies.


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