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Guest3, If you want to have

Guest3, If you want to have a serious discussion about this, and I hope you do, you are going to need to stop with the talking points that are just flat out bogus. As far as the VA, you are going to have to do some recent research as most people in the VA system actually really like it currently. As far as Medicare is concerned, most seniors also like their care. They certainly do not want to do away with it. In fact, not long ago, there was a report where seniors were calling their representatives saying that they wanted to keep the government out of their Medicare! LOL! I thought that was pretty funny considering it IS a government program. In any case, there is waste, no doubt about that and it can be dealt with pretty easily. Most of our problems have been with over testing due to the horrific way in which we log patient records. One thing that I did applaud Bush in doing is setting up the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology (in 2004), and I applaud Obama for continuing it to help cut out waste (for some reason people didn't know this originated with Bush and were heavily against it when Obama kept it going). Again partisanship getting in the way of supporting something that is actually a good idea. It also creates electronic data that can be easily accessed between doctors, which would streamline the system (in fact, it already is). People keep saying "something needs to be done," yet I am hearing absolutely nothing that would change a thing. The only option I see that will add competition and take on people with pre-existing conditions is a public option. If you want to go the free market route, then fine, state that and let's end all subsidies. No subsidies for government workers, no subsidies for big business, no subsidies for the elderly or poor, and no subsidies for children. Let everyone deal in the free, individual market. Let me warn you however, your costs will at the minimum double, and your coverage will be less, and they will be able to discriminate and drop you fairly easily. There is no protection in the individual market, sadly. I know, I left a corporate job 8 years ago and started my own company. A decision I do not regret, but I was appalled at the realities in the individual market. It really is a sham, and it makes it really difficult for small businesses to employ and compete. I really don't see that as an option. So what you have now is a few of us, small business owners and those in the individual market TRULY subsidizing government workers, big business while we are offered absolutely ZERO relief. We cannot sustain that. Outside of the government, which is the largest employer, we have small businesses that employ more American workers than anything else (over 50%!). We have to have relief, Guest3. That is just a fact. We cannot keep subsidizing our competition and government workers and stay in business AND give health benefits to our employees. It is simply rising too quickly. I hope you can appreciate this. We've got to get smart about this. We waste so much money NOT insuring people. BTW, this discussion has been going on, YES WITH REPUBLICANS!!, since March, at the link I am providing. Here is the latest: I would also like to add that the insurance market fought Medicare as well, but they are actually doing quite well in the supplemental market. The public option is rather basic, and there is room for the private sector to come in and pick up slack for those that DO choose to go on the public option. Seniors and health insurance providers have formed a wonderful marriage that is creating a good system of health care for our seniors. We can cut out the waste, we do so in our police forces, fire depts, all over this country. Tell me what you like about the bill (as there are a ton of free market solutions in there) and what you dislike. Look forward to having a great discussion about this. I have never doubted the ingenuity of the American people, and I doubt I will be let down at this point. Take Care, SBO


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