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"Life's not fair. Live with

"Life's not fair. Live with it. I have great health insurance, you don't. Too bad. The government is not here to level the playing field and try to make our financial lives identical." As long as I am subsidizing you and people like you, I absolutely do have a right to fight for you to have to pick up your own tab, or to fight for a way to make this economically sound. It isn't right now. You may not be aware of that because you are highly subsidized, but the people picking up the tab know that this is unsustainable. Look, I understand you wanting to keep having others subsidize your care, it's a good deal for you, but let me be the first to tell you, it simply can't last for too much longer, the costs are rising too quickly. Unless, of course, you work for the government. If that's the case, your hypocrisy is noted. "I find your view that we can't change any current law regarding emergency room access or tort liability laughable. The only solution is to creat some massive new mega-bureaucracy and endanger the system that now works for 5 out of 6 Americans, right?" Laughable that we can't kick taxpayers that are paying for the ER OUT of the ER? You really need to get over your entitlement issues. You are soaking up heavy subsidies right now, I think a better solution would be for you to drop your tax subsidized care, if you are so opposed, and go out in the individual market. But, you aren't interested in that, are you? No, you are fine soaking up tax subsidies for yourself. "Smallbusinessowner? You sound more like Smallsocialist....but thankfully, people are on to you. We're not going to see the best healthcare system in the world be destroyed simply to give more power and control to an already bloated government that can't pay for its existing give-aways." Now that is FUNNY. The irony cannot be lost on the fact that a person with tax subsidized care is lecturing a person that is fully in the free market. And calling them socialist, at that! You're the one that wants the taxpayer to pick up most of your insurance tab and stand in the way of more viable, economically secure solutions. No, you want us to keep paying and paying and paying, no matter how damaging it is to small businesses in your community. I think you wear that badge more proudly that I ever could.


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