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I've seen it first hand.

On numerous occassions I have witnessed people approaching Senator Soles and badgering/accosting him. One instance I vividly remember happened last Christmas Eve. His family was gathered at his father's house for Christmas dinner. Someone named "Stacy" came to the house wanting to see him. He cornered Senator Soles between his car and the door to the house not letting him leave. I had to physically get between them and tell "Stacy" to leave. He was obviously on something (alcohol/drugs) and was demanding money. Another time was this past spring. I was at his father's house and witnessed him being harrassed from inside. He pulled into the driveway and was followed by another car. Two men got out and were yelling at Senator Soles. He had to fend one of them off by kicking at him. Again, I went outside and they left. I've seen it there, at his office, at the Todd House,....everywhere. Perhaps he started something by giving the first one some money, but it has gotten rediculous. They should just leave him alone.


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