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RC Soles actions in Tabor City

I want to thank WWAY for airing this story. Everyone in NC needs to know what kind of Senator they have representing them. He does not have any morals and only cares for himself. He has harmed many young men over the years. He thinks that he is too powerful for anybody to question his actions. I have a few questions: Where is Allen Strickland going to school if the deal is for him to finish high school? Or is Senator Soles home schooling him? How is Allen driving all around TC without a valid driver's license? It is perfectly clear that someone is guarding him and keeping him out of jail. And the only one in NC with that kind of power is Senator Soles. I think it is time for someone to bring all of these issues out in the open. Oh, one more question: How is BJ getting out of prison so quickly? I think there's been some dirty work going on there too. Once again, thank you so much for airing this story. Keep up the good work...........I can't wait for 5:00 to watch your station. All of my friends are watching TV3 too. That's the topic of our daily discussion around the water cooler.......


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