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elderly and disabled

To the elderly and disabled. The legislators and governor are taking away your rights to stay home and receive the much needed help you require. Evidently, they want you to be put away in a rest home where the cost will actually increase by 4 to 5 time greater than you getting help in your own home. The budget is removing nearly all the money that has been appropriated in the past for this service. By removing the state medicaid money, it also eliminates a federal match of 3 to 1. This means that the $100 million dollars they take out of the state medicaid budget, it will eliminate $300 million from the federal government, so you can stay in your own home and get the much needed help you need. Sure, there is fraud going on by some people who are not eligible for these services and by some companies who are run by crooks. However, if the appropriate agencies in Raleigh would do what they get paid for and eliminate these fraudgelent patients and companies, we would not have this mess. Our elected officials are so stupid, they can't see this. All they want to do is make the numbers look good on paper and they don't really care how the elderly and disabled fair. They don't have to depend on medicaid, because most of them are high paid lawyers and don't even know how the poor and disabled live and don't care. I haven't heard a one of them or the governor volunteer to reduce or eliminate their pay to help the budget deficit. No, they just voted recently to build a $25 million dollar pier at Nags Head, complete with a ballroom so they and other rich people can go and party. This, at the expense of all of us, the taxpayers. Please don't forget this during the next election, when we have an opportunity to take these vultures out of office. Dewey Hill and R.C. Soles and other politicians in this area need to go. I wish we had an opportunity to impeach them and start new right now. Anylthing would be better than what we have in office, including the governor. Just remember, they are not for you and me, no matter what they claim. I called them and let them know where I stand, including the governor. I wish everyone would. You can find their numbers and e-mail address on internet.


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