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Geez, how much did that

Geez, how much did that 'eradication effort' cost? Helicopter, multiple agencies, multiple officers...that's a lot of money for cannabis. What's so hard about handing out a business license and collecting taxes? Cannabis prohibition isn't working. I know you'll holler about this bust but that's 40 lbs. ...and that's nothing. Really. You're talking lbs while tons roll down the street. The Border Patrol Tuscon Sector takes in 2 1/2 TONS per DAY. One sector. And they admit that they only get 5 to 10 percent. Prohibition only makes the wrong people rich. Bring this stuff out into the open and LEGALIZE, REGULATE, AND TAX. Anything short of legalization is filling the pockets of criminals with cash. Can we stop playing Elliott Ness and Al Capone? It's still not working.


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