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You got that right!

The prohibition of cannabis is simply foolish, but is so entrenched in our society, it may take decades for common sense to prevail. Alcohol KILLS 150,000 Americans a year due to side effects from it's use, and it addicts 15% of those who use. Cigarettes KILL 450,000 Americans a year due to side effects from their use, and it addicts 30%+ of those who use. Cannabis kills ZERO Americans a year due to side effects, and can cause DEPENDENCE in up to 10% of those who use. (and that dependence is FAR milder than the addiction caused by tobacco or alcohol) But alcohol and cigarettes are LEGAL, and cannabis will get you life in prison! Where is the sense in that?! A 1999 study commissioned by BARRY MCCAFFREY, the US Drug Czar at the time also found that ALCOHOL AND CIGARETTES are the TRUE 'gateway' to harder drugs, and often cannabis was simply the first stop because it's the most prolific. Don't believe me? Look up the Institute of Medicine's 1999 report, and see for yourself. But don't be surprised they're not broadcasting this info, what happens to the DEA if pot is legalized? A whole LOT of DEA employees suddenly are out of work, they won't let that happen, not easily! The government's ridiculously illogical ban has run its course! We Cannabis Aficionados are DONE with being brushed aside, vilified, demonized and incarcerated! The vast majority of us are hard-working, home-owning, tax-paying, child-rearing American CITIZENS who are DONE with being stepped on! DON'T TREAD ON ME! Stop oppressing us, we're people too, and we don't want to smoke and drive, or smoke and work, or to sell children into slavery. We just want to relax with a different intoxicant than alcohol, which, BTW, is also less dangerous to your health than alcohol, and less likely to addict you than alcohol! And keep in mind, if it's legalized, taxed and regulated, American Farmers will have a ca$h crop again! Americans want to buy from Americans, not Mexican Cartels, we can defund those scumbags to the tune of 65% OVERNIGHT by legalizing just marijuana! Why do you want them selling it? They're not going to card kids, they'll sell to anybody! They'll grow it in our national forests, destroying them, or they'll soak it with pesticides that are dangerous for those who use. Why won't our government PROTECT the 25 million Americans who've used in the last year, by REGULATING this huge market, and guaranteeing a safe product is being sold!? COMMON SENSE WILL PREVAIL!!


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