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Smoke a Joint - Become a permanent ward of the state

"Anything short of legalization is filling the pockets of criminals with cash." It's not about filling the pockets of criminals with cash, it's about filling the pockets of Pharmaceutical Companies / Alcohol Companies / Cigarette Companies with cash... oh wait, now I see your point. These are some of the biggest lobbies against the Non-Criminalization of Marijuana. The WAR ON DRUGS is also about Privately / Corporately / Non Governmentally run prisons and the BILLIONS of dollars they poor into their local economies from building, to staffing (correctional officers are not police/peace officers, but state licensed security guards) to support services. Remember when our government used to care enough to not outsource their duties? I'm not a fan of giant government, but shouldn't there be a few things they agree to do on behalf of the good people they tax so heavily? It is also about Police Unions, who want to ensure their ever growing membership is always employed. Rather than eliminate the problem, they want the problem to thrive, so they can keep filling their coffers. A doctor once told me he originally was going to be an allergist, because the patients rarely die (except in the extreme cases of extreme allergies - as opposed to cancer patients, etc.) and the patients rarely get better. A constant stream of customers/income, much like the drug war. How about treating drug and alcohol (and cigarettes) like the health scourges they are, and offer treatment and counseling as an option prior to prison? Of course prison will be necessary for some, but really, smoking a joint in the privacy of your own home a jail-able offense? A life altering Jail-able offense. People who complain about people on welfare, should analyze how a lot of them got there in the first place. Petty charges, that compound and lead to prison and little hope of ever finding a real job again... So crime it shall be - with an education from criminal university, aka prison. Help people to help themselves. Wake up people, this system is going to come tumbling down, unless we repair the damage at the foundation of our society. If you throw everyone in jail, who will be around to ensure they all stay there? The MATRIX?


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