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cannabis, and the law

The tax payers would be billions of dollars better off if the the stuff was legalizrd and sold like alcohol and tobacco. But the justic department would have to fire thousands of people who thrive on putting the little guys in prision and pretending they are saving the world. In fact they are only making it possible for people south of the Border and all the rest of the scumb behind them to turm billions of american dollars into the hands of the real crooks in Mexico. and other country's.. I say put an end to the cops and robbers play on the small crooks and shut down the billions of our dollars from crosing the border. Gangs are being set up all over american to controll the sale of Cannabis on their turf. if the Cannaibis was legal you just drop by the nearest cannabis store and buy it legal and get rid of the gang bangers that kill at the sligest notion. WE can make cannabis legal, it is only a play to keep it elegal by government to keep so many men doing what is never going to end till we legalize Cannabis in the states. When are we going to wake up!!!!


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