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Welcome to reality, folks

Here's the cold, hard facts that influence The War on Drugs in general, and marijuana in specific terms: 1. The War on Drugs is a massive employment program.'s totally ineffective, but so is Head Start,which studies prove exist solely as an employment program for inner city females. We keep both of them going simply because of the numbers. Who cares if the kids don't do any better when they reach elementary school or we keep drowning in drugs? Lots of people work. In the case of that War on Drugs, we have several hundred thousand law-enforcement officers, corrections officers, lab technicians, evidence custodians, court clerks, etc, whose income depends on the War on Drugs. Expand your horizon to the peripheral goods and services(everything from armament and ammo to prison food services) and the number tops one-million people who draw a paycheck because of the War on Drugs. So while prohibition never works, the people who enforce the prohibition do. 2. A small minority of people vehemently want to keep marijuana illegal. A larger group (but still a minority) want to legalize marijuana. The vast majority of Americans don't particularly give a hoot about the issue. Until they have a dog in the fight, efforts at legalization are met with a collective yawn. I can think of at least two dozen critical issues I'd like to see this country tackle. The "status of pot" isn't one of them. Legalize it, don't legalize it - most of us don't care. 3. Those bemoaning this particular operation seem to lack a basic concept of living in a structured society: Change the law if you can, but until you do, you enforce the law as it is written. You don't ignore it. Growing marijuana is fairly easy to detect, and the various agencies did EXACTLY what they were obligated to do in this case. 4. To those claiming that we must either legalize pot or make alcohol and cigarettes illegal, guess again. We don't HAVE to do either....and we won't. There is far too much money involved to rock the boat. Cigarettes and alcohol will remain legal, pot will remain illegal, and we'll keep up this phony-baloney War on Drugs....but a lot of people will keep putting food on the table because of it. BTW, the best war on drugs is growing up and saying, "No thank you."


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