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man your mama learned you nothen

smokeing pot dont make you wreck your car like booze fact it might make you drive better. allthough you might mess your turn. or drive to slow. in fact most will drive to slow. but remain right between the lines. all though i no longer induldge in weed. i smoked it for 35 years. ive worked for people like pepsi cola, colliar gas, lumbee farms, allmost all my jobs were driveing jobs. and nock on wood. ive never had a wreck or known any one to have a wreck because they were high on weed. on the other hand ive drank booze and had two fender benders. thank god no one was hurt. and only small dent in the cars. booze is a lot worse then weed. in fact if weed was legal i would quit tobacco and smoke weed because it calms my nerves keeps me from wanting to hurt some one. and just relaxes me. and tobacco just makes it hard to breath. poor bload flow through out your body.pluss cancer. and booze just plain out kills. wreck your car, run over some one. or have your liver quit. if a child would eat a whole weed tree, he would not die. it would just eat like crazy.and laugh at all your not so funny jokes.


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