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just plain dumb.......

yep thats what you are. but i bet you drink beer or booze of some kind, dont you. I bet you have never smoked a joint one day in your life have you>????smokeing weed gets you abought as high as one beer mabe three. but that is it. you cant get no higher. you could smoke a whole tree of high drowe and not get any higher then a six pack of shorts beer. and that is it. no matter how much you smoke you want get no higher. booze on the other hand you get higher and higher untill you pass out, die , or kill some one. no one has ever died from weed, no one, unless of course he got shot in the back by a cop tring to get away. I had two uncles that use to tell me. please quit smokeing pot its bad for you. both of them are dead now. from drinking two much, one was 46 the other 52. their liver quit. no one has ever had their liver quit smokeing weed. USA wake up. its time to free the weed.....


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