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I'm curious....

Let me just try to make sure I understand you correctly: You think the Patriot Act is akin and therefore no different than the Hitler regime in Germany? That's probably one of the dumbest things I've ever read. Please enlighten us and explain exactly WHICH laws you believe are identical. You conveniently left that part out in your post. I don't dispute that the Patriot Act arose in part out of fear. Do you HONESTLY not see that those fears had merit? The Patriot Act was part of this nation's response to the worst act of terrorism ever committed against all Americans. Not only was it directed at Americans EVERYWHERE, it was done on American soil. Your words suggest that you think our government should have just sighed and said "Hey, terrorists...that was really mean. Please don't do it again." NOT ME. I expect my government to do whatever is necessary to prevent another September 11th. If you honestly believe that is wrong, you're living in the wrong country. I encourage you to go seek residency elsewhere since America is such a disappointment to you. Oh, one more thing...when you DO find that Utopia, we'd all like to know where it is. A place where no one will be murdered by terrorists...a place where EVERYONE ALL the time tells the truth...WOW. Yeah...I gotta know where that place is.


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