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What did this solve???

NOTHING! except lives ruined. Including the grower and the kids picked up by DSS. How much money to jail this man, how much for the police, helicopter, etc.,?? How much money could the state of NC get from the taxing of a weed???????? The great tobacco state needs to sit down their alcoholic beverage and think of a system that actually works. I know the problem is a weed and it is hard to control and therefore tax. BUT, you can not solve this "problem" by putting people in jail. By the way how many thieves, sexual abusers, Senators (Columbus County) will be parolled and let walk around society to make room to jail a weed grower???? The level of thinking has to change. You NEVER change things on the same level of thinking in which the problem was created. For all you cocktail drinkers which is by far more deadly than a weed, please remember prohibition DOES NOT WORK, so tax them! Stop the Reefer Madness, and at least go catch more traffic violations. I am more scared of crazy drivers that anyone smoking or eating marijuana!


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