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The DA

hit the nail on the head. It takes evidence to prosecute with any chance of gaining a conviction. It takes corroborating evidence. Let the charges begin. From the appearnaces of those young men on the interviews, they would be very easy to trip up; to cause them to possibly make conflicting statements. To cause them not to look straight at the jury or Senator Soles but rather to cast their eyes downward as thought they may not be telling the whole truth. In other words to create enough doubt about their integrity to cause the jury to not have reasonable doubt as to the Senator's guilt. You want to hit Senator Soles where it will hurt? Get a credible candidate. Put him or her forth early in the process. Let them focus on how they can better serve the community and the District with concrete legislative ideas. Defeat him and you take away his power. On the other hand, let all of these locals who keep posting "all of their first hand knowledge" go see the DA; and volunteer to testify. Do the right thing. For those young men, go back to school; get jobs for in all liklihood the gravy train is over. Mr. Strickland may want to sell the toys and Corvette now so he will have some liquid assets to pay his future bills with.


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