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So leave, if you're ashamed

I cannot believe the arrogance of the left! You actually believe that people opposing this nightmare are ignorant and ill-informed? Could it be that they are too smart to fall for a nebulous, vague, voluminous load of Utopian nonsense that is long on rhetoric and short on facts? Here's the one question you won't answer: How do we pay for yet another entitlement program when we are already five TRILLION dollars behind in funding the two biggest entitlement programs we alreay have? BTW, is there anything that DOESN'T cause you liberals to "be ashamed of your country?" You were ashamed of Bush, of Iraq, of our being meanies to people who wanted to kill you're ashamed of people expressing their Constitutional right to speak out and be heard? Oh, but I'm sure that in the America you're working to attain, freedom of speech will go the way of the dinosaurs....


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