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Scientists find creationism museums worrisome

It's one of a growing number of museums and even theme parks that cater to the some 35 percent of Americans who say the bible is literally true. It's a trend most scientists find very worrisome. At the new creation museum they use big-budget, high-tech exhibits to depict a history of the planet that nearly every scientist rejects. When asked what she hoped her children get out of visiting the museum, one mother said, "A tangible truth. Because this is the truth." The creation museum aims to scientifically prove the biblical story of genesis. The earth is not millions of years old. It -- and all life on it -- were created by god about 6,000 years ago, with dinosaurs living next to Adam and Eve. The vast majority of scientists find the creationist claims ridiculous. Eugenie Scott said, "It's not funny, no. But to some degree one has to laugh to keep from crying." The creation museum has its own experts, however, including Dr. Jason Lisle, an astro-physicist. Dr. Lisle said, "Discoveries are always controversial. Truth isn't a democracy. Creation museums and theme parks are popping up all over." Anthropology professor Terry Prewitt said, "It's OK to believe what you want to believe, all right. But I don't think it's OK to represent whatever one believes as science just because one believes that it's true and can justify it with the Bible." Both sides say the stakes are high. Scientists say if children are convinced of this the US will lose its position of scientific leadership in the world. At the creation museum, however, there are exhibits that argue that evolution has led to the erosion of faith, which has led to a moral breakdown and controversial issues like abortion and pornography.

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