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Just the facts

As an organizer of Contitutional Patriots I know the truth of Sen. Kay Hagan. I contacted Sue Wink at her Raleigh office asking for a "date" for a town hall meeting since May 1st. I was told no appointment for you! BUT we will place your request "on file." "But surely there's one day in her future that isnt's filled with appointments right? Plug us into that day," I said. No, we'll get back to you asap. May came and went, more calls, more emails, then June came and went, then July, more calls. Come August I had had enough. "OK I see it's never going to happen. So where is Sen. Hagan going to hold a town hall near Wilmington? We'll go to her." Oooopsy! No can do. Sen. Hagan isn't having a town hall meeting near you, Sen. Hagan isn't having a town hall anywhere in the entire state of NC. She's busy with FUND RAISERS and the like. Many folks in the opposition make valid points I agree with. Bush made many socialist moves too. Duh! We're mad at him as well. Also, we need tort reform. Where were the Dems all these years on tort reform? Why is it only an issue NOW? When the Dems were listing victims of "hate crimes" sodomites and pedophils, why didn't they list the victims of discrimination with pre-existing conditions? I'll tell you why, because they wanted to USE it to shove socialized healthcare down our throats to control 17% of the US economy.It's called S O C I A L I S M. Folks this isn't merely about your doctor's visits and tests, this is about CONTROL. If they control your healthcare they control your life. They now CONTROL the banks, they control the energy industry, they control the auto industry, and now they want to control healthcare. And WHEN they have our health in their control, they'll have us in checkmate. Wake up America. They're coming!


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