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God forbid you or a family member do not get cancer

as my dad, who earns a good income and does not spend beyond his means, recently found out. Even with a decent insurance plan and a better-than-average income, he already has amassed a bill of $15,000 just for two biopsies, an emergency surgery to remove what was thought to be a bladder stone (turned out to be malignant bladder tumor) and a few visits. And this is after the insurance having picked up some of the cost! Now, he's facing multiple weeks of expensive treatment and possibly chemo, along with radical cystectomy (removal of the bladder, lymph nodes and prostate), all of which will mean another $30,000 that he will be responsible for. He is 61 years old. What would happen if he lost his job? He wouldn't be able to pay the COBRA premiums, not even if he ate ramen noodles all day. Never mind finding another insurance willing to take him on with cancer. So, Mr./Ms. Commonsensenot.. good luck and good health to you. Consider yourself lucky if you and your family do not have cancer or any other catastrophic illness. Sadly, however, financial disaster for most people in the U.S. is only an unexpected disease (or accident) away.


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