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Right to die- Obamacare

So let me ask why it is so harsh that Obama's health care plan would allow sick elderly people to die rather than draw it out for years? Wouldn't you want your pet to be put to sleep if it was suffering? When my father died he had spent my inheritance by just staying alive for a little over a year. If it would have been a healthy year and a half great, but he was 78 years old, and suffering. He would honestly been better off just laying in a bed for the month or two that it would have taken for him to die rather than keep him around shelling out over a hundred thousand dollars for home care and assisted living for the last year. The doctors and hospital raked in the dough, god knows what that cost medicare. My disability has stopped me from working, since I was 43 I havent worked a day, how can I afford insurance unless the government gives it to me? Some nights it is tough to be able to go out to a nice dinner and movie because I can barley make ends meet. And this has been my life for the past 14 years. Call it socialism, I call it mercy and jesus said to help those less fortunate. That's what Obama is promising.


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