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Right to die - Obamacare

OK. You have not worked a day since you were 43 and it appears that has been 14 yrs ago. I assume you are on disability as you state your disability stopped you from working. My mother is on Social Security but it is very little income. She lives with me. I work 40 hrs per week; am gainfully employed (at least for the moment - we have had layoffs), and my job is not real safe right now. I have a problem with what you say - "Some nights it is tough to be able to go out to a nice dinner and a movie because I can barely make ends meet". If you can barely make ends meet, how can you go out for any kind of dinner, nice or not, and a movie? I have not been to a movie in years. Rarely go out to eat. I don't get it. My mother also has cancer. My mother was a single mother who raised myself and my sister alone with very little child support. My sister and I are 49 and 52 respectively. My mother was NEVER on any kind of government assistance. It's not that she did not need it or could not have used it - she had no help and never asked for it. Probably would not have received it anyway. She worked 40 years in a factory on a production line. I do not want to take part in any kind of government-run health care. If you folks do then that is fine. I want no part of it. The thought of being forced to do that burns me a new one! Some people say that is not going to happen, but I believe NOTHING that Obammy, his cronies nor his minions say. NOTHING! I know there are folks out there that do - GOD HELP YOU. It is not up to Obammy nor his minions on how or when someone dies. When it is your time, you are going no matter what happens or what you do, how much health care you have or don't have. I can rest easy at night in the thought that my vote did not put him in office. January 20, 2013 - the end of an ERROR. God help us all because we are going to need it. Just wait and see.


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