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I don't want healthcare!

What exactly is your major malfunction? We spend more and get less out of healthcare than any other country (as % of GDP). We're the only first world country without socialized medicine. And we rank triple-digit low in healthcare in the world. This Adam Smith line of thinking should have died with the sub-prime mortgage. Capitalism favors the rich. If you're not rich, educate yourself and get on board before you get sick. I'm a social worker. I deal with a lot of the people that you literalists despise. You know what? There is such a thing as cyclical poverty in this country. Deal with it. No one s having a town hall, and it's darn unfortunate, because you people won't let anyone actually discuss anything. You're nothing more than thugs and should be treated as such. I wish I'd known about your meeting so I could've been there.


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