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Socialism is...

Paying for a government controlled and influenced Police Force. Its sending the poorest and least informed to die in another country, for whatever reason. We all ready pay for murder, but its not the old we kill it is the young. I truly believe all americans need to be involved in our government, but it seems that all americans want to do is sit quietly as long as we get stuff we want. We are a nation of subservient people doing what is best for the 1% (the Rich). So if we don't have public health care, and that means that we as a whole help elevate the financial woes of any american citizen so they can be healthy enough to pay the money back , You might as well say "Kill the Poor!". Now I know thats quite dramatic, but that is what we are talking about allowing the least of us dying is squaller so some of us can have the truly irresponsible "Dream" of making A million dollars some day. We honestly don't need a lot of money to live comfortably. So why don't we do what a Christian Nation is supposed to do : Help each other, and stop bickering about how we want more. Considering so many have less.


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