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We aren't a Christian Nation...

And neither am I. (Agnostic Atheist) I am not saying we should be teaching one Ideology over another or any theology at all. I also don't want to redistribute the wealth of the country, but I believe that those who are rich always want more. More money, power, more everything. And that is what I want to stop, but I can't personally do that. Only every American, what ever their person political, theological, or social beliefs, doing everything they can to steer our country to be the best. Cause whether you like it or not we aren't the best, and we can't let todays generation rest upon the great generations that came before us. We should never say we are a great nation; we should never have the time to pat ourselves on the back. Let us inspire the rest of the world to be great. Not force them to cow tow to us. I want my Country to be better than it has ever been before. Maybe providing the Best Healthcare in the world to All of the Citizens will get the ball rolling; I don't know. It would be awesome if we could get a look at the Bills before they go through the process so we can be part of the Process. After all the American People is the biggest lobby. We just need to rediscover our influence. Thanks


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