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I personally knew Obrian. I guess it does not matter he has had a hard time most of his life. I was not there that night, but I am quite sure he had some choices to make in a small amount of time (never one of his best qualtities). I had the oppertunity to meet OB when I operated one of the group homes he was sent to after he left the detention center and was tossed from family memeber to family member. I took him on his first job interview and watched him cry when his mom never showed up for her visits, he always desired to have family time with the staff and the other guys in the house. He was just a youth striving to make to better decisions then. I pray for my long lost son. He desired for a family but was moved so much he just couldnt get a grasp. Please pray for our youth. There are more lost kids out there just as OB. Everyday I wonder what could he have become if he would have never left our facility. I believe that his negative deciaions will help others to make positive. After the incident, we made sure to educate the others that knew him in the facility of what was going on with his case. They saw the trial and the news clippings. All of the other clients left the facility and we have only heard positive. OB has made a difference in others lives. OB, if you ever read this in life. KNow that there were people that truly care for you and wish you the best. PRay brother! Allow God to handle things. Know that Im praying for you!! we all make mistakes.


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