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Wake up before you lose your country

Has it not yet occured to you that as a state, North Carolina is at the forefront of "all things liberal?" The people you elected and the people they appointed don't particularly CARE what you think about illegal immigrants. It is all part of a national movement within the Democrat's left wing to establish a borderless, Socialist Utopia....and most conservative Republicans don't protest TOO loudly because of the economic benefits we reap from an immense pool of cheap labor. Are you also foolish enough to believe that illegal immigrants won't be allowed access to healthcare under the proposed Obamacare? No...of course it won't be in the legislation! It wasn't in the original Medicaid legislation, either, but just as we saw with Medicaid, wait until some slap-happy Socialist federal judge rules from the bench that illegal immigrants must have access to public financed health insurance. You better wake up and realize that the Democrats are trying to consolidate their power, trying to hold onto their total control of the government until their destructive work is done. In that light, if you are a member of ANY marginalized group, be it illegal immigrants, gays and Lesbians, any and every minority, even convisted felons, you can expect the Democrats to bend over backward to kiss your fanny as they expect you to repay them some day in the voting booth. Of course, if you're a productive, responsible American citizen, you're nothing more than a well of money to be tapped to them. It's your "patriotic duty" to subsidize illegal immigrants at CFCC. Those of you who foolishly voted for Obama, Perdue, Hagan, et al can feel very "patriotic" over the next few years as you see your taxes rise, possibly to pre-Reagan rates. Fortune magazine predicts that every single taxpayer is going to see their taxes rise 55% in the coming years to pay down the existing debt, not even including Obamacare or the hidden taxes of Cap-n-Trade. We're watching North Carolina and indeed the entire United States die right in front of us, and it's going to take more than message board posts, calls to talk radio, and TEA parties to save it.


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