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Hate, Ignorance and lousiness

If the word illegal is print or mention in any forum, all of you bunch of racist jump with your Ignorance and hatefulness. First of all no human being is illegal, are you called illegal when you get a traffic ticket? are you call illegal when you have Children custody dispute, which I believed some of you have been involved in such situation, statistic don't lie. Those kids that are planing to go to college are the same ones going to High School with you kids now. Ask your kids if they are criminals? the answer is a BIG NO, most of this kids are law abiding Citizens who in most cases came here without their will by their parents. I wonder if all of your ancestors were treated the same way where were you now? And don't tell me about that they came here legally, most of Italian, Irish and others came during war time where you used to show up in any port of entry (Airport,Ports, Border) and get into this country extremely easy. The Chinese act of the 1800's was the first attempt to restrict immigration from people that look different than YOU. Slavery and racial tensions in this country are very recent and please don't tell me I am using the race card, because the race card is the REAL issue here, I guarantee most of you won't allow your daughter to marry a MEXICAN (What you sometimes by ignorance call all the Hispanic) although is nothing wrong to be Mexican, some of them welcome you in their country with open arms, That is why Mexico is one of the favorite places that Americans visit. Finally get it over, Sonia Sotomayor is in the Supreme court, I know you still don't like the idea to have another minority in power but things are changing for good for those who were denigrated for centuries from people like you, thank goodness there is Americans without prejudice that make sense and reflect the true nature of humans: Love, Tolerance and peace.


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