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Please cite your reference

"And don't tell me about that they came here legally, most of Italian, Irish and others came during war time where you used to show up in any port of entry (Airport,Ports, Border) and get into this country extremely easy." Please cite the reference for such a statement. You will find that the peak periods of immigration existed well outside any war. You are pressing your argument with convenient, created psuedo-facts. Here's one real fact you choose to ignore: America cannot afford to be Uncle Sugar to every sad case in the world. It has nothing to do with race, as I've more than once mentioned the estimated 100k plus illegal Irish immigrants on the East Coast. Be they Irish, Mexican, Palestinian, Haitian, or Martian, they are NOT American citizens and deserve NOTHING from a government that is being funded by American citizens. We need a comprehensive reform that allows an adequate number of workers to enter this nation to provide the services we need while being treated fairly themselves. We need to MANAGE cross border work visas and immigration. Neither the liberal view of "let 'em come by the millions," nor the conservative view of "keep 'em all out" makes any sense or has any hope of succeeding.


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