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logic and reason

First of all, one possible solution is to adopt a consumption tax (abolish ALL property taxes, income tax, fees, etc...), and then everyone (legal or illegal) will be accountable for the cost of the "socialization of loss." That seems to be the sticking point with most anti-immigration folks, that and overcrowding. Just have everyone pay their fair share. The current system makes ME want to go under the radar and not pay taxes, healthcare costs, not get a license or car insurance... Is education a right? Is healthcare a right? I don't think so. Everyone has a right to be treated equally and have the same opportunity to work to support themselves and their family. Obviously the "illegals" find better opportunities here than in their homelands. Let all schools charge tuition, and manage their own budgets. Stop making everyone without children pay for runaway school budgets. if you have a kid, pay for him\her to go to school. Abolish insurance - it's legal gambling. Doctors did fine without it for hundreds of years. They used to charge based on the patient's means - not what some beaurocrat decides. Or nationalize heathcare and pay Dr's and healthcare workers salaries instead of by how much needless tests they can order. If it's a right, we shouldn't be administering healthcare as a capitalistic opportunity. My grandparents on both sides immigrated from Ireland, legally through Ellis Island. I went to Cape Fear Community College for a healthcare degree, and paid my tuition. I have three small children, and I pay my taxes. The world is changing, our country and our state are changing too. The world would be a better place if it were "colorblind" and "faithblind", but the change has to come from both sides. Reverse discrimination is WORSE than discrimination because minorities should realize the destructive nature of thinking that one race or creed is no better than another. Hate breeds hate.


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