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Greed created the immigration problem

I don't think there would not be an immigration problem if it wasn't for so many non law abiding citizens. Do any of you really think there would be so many illegals here if there wasn't any work for them? The people that are evading taxes by hiring illegals under the table are the problem. How can you really blame a people for wanting to better themselves? I mean unless of course your a Native American. I do not see any real change until the people that hire illegals are targeted and prosecuted. How hard could it be? I mean, if you suspect or know of a illegal ... you follow him to work. I'm sick and tired of seeing TV commercials about how so and so got me out of owning the IRS 400k and I only paid a nickel. I look at this country of mine and I see things falling apart. Never seems to be any money for anything. But I also see a lot more personal stuff ... and big houses. Can't be because we don't pay as much taxes as we used to. It's because so many people out there cheat on their taxes. So the illegals are here, I sure do wish they were paying taxes. Because if the man that hired them was paying his, and they were paying theirs ..... I would say .... yes ... they and/or their children should be allowed to attend community college. I see illegals everywhere I go ... but when I see them working, I never see one of them leaning on the shovel, They are all working. Maybe some educated Latino's could help this country out. I also say that if they work and pay taxes, for "X" amount of years, we should think about letting them apply for citizenship.


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